WHEN I WAS 13 I WATCHED AN EPISODE OF THE SIMPSONS THAT MADE ME WANT TO BE A FILMMAKER.  when 15 i got a camera and started shooting everything. AT 18 I WENT TO UNIVERSITY AND LEARNT HOW TO MAKE FILMS AND LIGHT MANNEQUINS. when i was 20 a friend and i made a film about a missing girl and the family she left behind. AT THE AGE OF 21 I MOVED TO SARAJEVO AND BECAME PART OF THE FILM.FACTORY. when i was 22 béla let me make a film inspired britney spears lyrics / we also made a film about filmmaking on iphones and ipads. AT 23 I ADAPTED A KAFKA SHORT / AND A FEW MONTHS LATER WENT BACK TO MANNEQUINS AND MADE A SOAP OPERA WHICH HAS STILL NOT SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY. that summer i turned 24 and travelled around the balkans meeting men on grindr for a film about homosexuality and digital communities / that winter we ran away to a hotel on the outskirts of town and adapted a thomas hardy short. AT 25 MY CAMERA CAMERA GOT STOLEN / I BECAME A DR/ TOOK A YEAR OUT.  now i am 26 and have a camera again and will continue to make films. THANK YOU FOR READING.